Titles of Nobility

On a periodic basis, titles of Nobility are granted under the authorization of the Ministry of Immigration and Naturalization and HRH Grand Duke Thomas II. As has been done throughout history, these titles are granted based on an individuals support, loyalty, character, charitable works and contributions to the growth of the Republic of Aquitaine.

These authentic noble titles are certified legal titles that can be added to your name. You can include this nobility title on your driver’s license, credit cards, passport, bank accounts, etc., providing the issuing agency allows the inclusion of titles. All titles include full documentation support which includes Apostille certification from the Republic of Aquitaine.

A number of individuals have enjoyed the increased status as a result of being granted these titles.

Title warrantapostille

Certificate noble title

Each title package includes three documents:

1. Title Warrant-this document is the actual title grant signed by Thomas II Grand Duke of Aquitaine. The document is 8.5 x 14 inches and bears the official gold seal.

2. Apostille - this document issued by the Republic of Aquitaine Office of Records conforms to the Apostille requirements of the Hague Convention of 1961. Beautifully outlined with silver foil.

3. Certificate of Authenticity - this document certifies that the above two documents are authentic and officially issued. It bears the Official stamp of Aquitaine and is trimmed in rich gold foil. Additional noble accouterments may be included, depending on the title.

All documents are personalized and are in full color, very handsome, and suitable for framing.

When such titles are granted, the titles available are:

Duke, Duchess

Marquis, Marquise

Count, Countess

Baron, Baroness


Common questions and details on Noble Titles are here.

These titles of nobility are not for sale, nor can they be purchased, but are granted based on an individual basis. Please contact us to inquire on the availability of these titles.